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Planned, coordinated, and executed live-firing/demolitions and domestic, joint forces training exercises. Translated Audiotapes from Arabic to English in support of anti-terrorism operations. Authored over 100 products on threat assessment and capabilities of Afghan Military and Police. Served as Anti-terrorism Training Officer. Demonstrated advanced knowledge and wrote high-value Intelligence Information Reports (IIR) on high interest vessels. Provided Expert technical guidance in analyzing all-source intelligence information on a full range of foreign transportation and logistics issues. Landing an intelligence community or defense industry career isn't just a spy game. Provide input to analytic team production planning by identifying intelligence gaps, specifying collection requirements, and suggesting potential targets. Authored concept for two major Theater Operations plans regarding integration of reserve personnel into DoD intelligence facilities. An intelligence officer typically has a specialty that determines what a job will entail. Maintained and updated over 400 critical personnel security clearances and active security clearance investigations within the unit. Provided oversight for several Brigade Combat Team Systems fielding and integration into their respective units. Managed HUMINT team operations and coordinated with Civil Affairs and Psychological operations teams to support intelligence operations. Provided oversight of a $12 million renovation of the 2nd Infantry Division G2 Analysis and Control Element (ACE). Managed Indications and Warning intelligence during a Middle East/Persian Gulf deployment and combat operations in Serbia/Bosnia. Provided threat analysis reports for base Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection cell. Performed all aspects of imagery review and reporting to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Supervised four Intelligence personnel in providing an EA-6B squadron with current and operational intelligence. Established crucial relationships with key Iraqi Intelligence leaders on matters of personnel security and intelligence sharing. Developed and managed all squadron physical fitness training as the Unit Fitness Program Manager. Created two major Intelligence studies on the Ukraine and Republic of Georgia and incorporated imagery data and all source intelligence reports. Prepared and reviewed intelligence analysis reports and essential military intelligence operations guidance for deployed forces in SWA. You may find that experience in other jobs will help you become an intelligence officer. Provided Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Targeting Officer support to Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Supported other collection management teams when overburdened with workload. Lead, directed, coordinated, supervised, and trained the S2 section. Provided technical and intelligence analysis for several dozen criminal investigations. Analyzed intelligence data to determine threat analysis. Maintain a current awareness of all HUMINT regulations and policies applicable to the operations of a subordinate organization. I would love to use my psychology and sociology mind to help catch fugitives, also my toughness and speed to run and catch fugitives as well. Created 80+ intelligence records ISO DIA requirements/strategic analysis. Directed all physical, personal, and information security matters. Managed the personnel, information and physical security programs. Served as liaison officer to British and Australian military personnel aboard Al Udeid Air Force base for AV-8b Operations in Iraq. Supervised the implementation and management of Operations Security, and Anti-Terrorism force protection programs as an Intelligence Analyst. Managed all aspects of physical security and anti-terrorism/force protection. Provided senior level expertise on DIA transportation and logistics methodologies and maintained the relevant databases. Assigned to the Tactical Operations Center Intelligence Cell, G2. Teach collection management class at the Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy and provide one-on-one training to analytical elements. Provided direct support to Defense Attach Offices (DAO) and FPDs located within EUCOM and West Africa. Facilitated establishment of new company arms room by coordinating for all physical security requirements. Collaborate & coordinate with staff to identify collection requirements and develop collection plans. Performed the duties of the Anti-Terrorism Officer, Movement Officer, and Intelligence Officer. The best states for people in this position are Oregon, New York, New Jersey, and California. Conflict Resolution Skills. Investigate and validate information appearing on clearance request forms for accuracy and compliance. Established and maintained a data-mining system which allowed the production of over 240 intelligence reports to be generated within one year. Serve as brigade-level anti-terrorism officer. Intelligence officers make use of a variety of sources of information, including. Must be between the ages of 18 and 39 3. Develop and assess friendly/threat Courses of Actions (COAs) utilizing Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield/Battlespace (IPB). Researched foreign naval systems to develop collection requirements for real- time support needs. The Intelligence Analyst Selection Process is designed to test your critical thinking, writing, analytical skills and ability to work under timed constraints. Commanded and controlled 30 Military Intelligence Soldiers and combined armed forces during combat and intelligence gathering operations. Research and provided observations of brigade operations and critical insight to the senior SIGINT officer. Manage and prioritize collection requirements and resources. Performed all source analysis on enemy situations in Eight US Army /Pacific Command area of operations. Developed all-source collection strategies, and was trained in, and operated as a MASINT Collection Manager. Furthered foreign operations in direct support to pressing issues of U.S. national security. Orchestrated department-wide Anti-Terrorism Level 1 training. Planned and coordinated national intelligence support to theater and component Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance assets. Conducted both the exercise and the real world daily battle update brief for the brigade commander. Coordinated with higher, adjacent and supporting units to define Intelligence collection requirements and employ assets effectively. For example, they could start out with a role such as operations officer, progress to a title such as operations manager and then eventually end up with the title deputy program manager. As with most positions in the military, as you move up the rankings, some requirements and qualifications need to be met. Managed and supervised 37 military personnel. Team leader at CENTCOM Forward Headquarters in Qatar. Coordinated reach back intelligence support to Task Force Al-Asad and Al-Taqaddum Iraq in direct support of OIR. Provided highly classified command level briefs for Naval Special Warfare, Task Group Atlantic. Performed globally focused strategic-level all-source analysis and NC3 adaptive planning. Provided timely and authoritative advice and recommendations on assigned collection requirements management area to the chain of command. Provided OPSEC, COMSEC, IA and Security training. Maintained situational awareness of IED network related events to include current status of caches, safe houses and IED employment. Served as strategic intelligence integrator for US Army division. Coordinated complex intelligence requirements, collection management, and information flow processes for unit operations. Provide WMD threat analysis including the identification of new or active WMD locations within targeted locations. Support Special Operations Forces throughout the SOCOM Area of Responsibility (AOR)/Area of Interest (AOI). Team Chief of the Iraqi Survey Group (ISG) in most sensitive collection requirements. Must be able to work independently with strong flexibility Provided 24/7, consolidated all-source multi-agency intelligence, situational awareness, and national crisis management support to ODNI leadership. Maintained all physical security protocol and information security. Conducted classes, briefed, and monitored testing for numerous DIA, and USAF training requirements. Established read files for pilots and command for situational awareness (SA). Managed and directed two (2) personnel assigned to the Battalion's S2 (Intelligence) Section. Maintained accountability of five BDEs to ensure proper destruction, receipt and accountability of SCI material. Presented student audiences with insightful perspective on the missions of the Defense Counterintelligence and HUMINT Center. Evaluated information reports for accuracy and timeliness, and adjust future reporting accordingly. Lead Human Intelligence Collection Manager for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in charge of all collection management worldwide for Homeland Security Investigations. Presented professional Intelligence briefs on a daily basis which included Collection Management and Dissemination Plans. Managed Top Secret Control Officer and Secret Compartmented Information (SCI) programs. You can read more about how BLS calculates location quotients. Facilitate training on Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection measures, classified material handling, required language Lead Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) Officer in the United Arab Emirates. Acted as liaison between higher headquarters and subordinate units on all security matters. Read below to see the full list. Provide analytic support and expertise to DoD interrogators, and inform senior policy-makers of issues regarding DoD interrogations. Served as subject matter expert on OEF insurgent activities and other general intelligence issues related to Afghanistan and the AOR. Coordinated C-IED ISR collection requirements to ensure they were in conjunction with the Commanders Priority Information Requirements (PIR). Perform database research and analysis of current intelligence reporting to identify gaps, and subsequent intelligence collection requirements. Placed 50 warriors in NSA jobs during this period, and supported numerous initiatives to support military families. Coordinated squadron efforts for NATO air strikes in Bosnia as chief of the mission planning cell. To succeed as an Intelligence Officer, you will need to demonstrate: superior interpersonal and liaison skills in order to build strong relationships with people; personal presence and impact, with a proven ability to interact effectively with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds; excellent written communication skills; Established collection requirements, analysis, compilation and dissemination of all-source current intelligence for mission-planning. Developed information and civil military operations plans leading to access and placement within denied territory in Baghdad. Submitted formal evaluations of 45 Intelligence Information Reports. Prepared and briefed personnel on a daily basis with fused current all-source intelligence information. We determined these as the best states based on job availability and pay. Participated in IC and DOD technology evaluation and acquisition activities. At Zippia, we went through countless Intelligence Officer resumes and compiled some information about how best to optimize them. Served as Platoon Leader for a Military Intelligence Company. Identified and qualified risk variables; increased all-source analysis and intelligence collection capabilities. Represented DIA at IC military industries meetings and conferences. Trained the battalion on Subversion, and Espionage Directed against the US Army (SAEDA), and OPSEC programs. You'll need: 1. a good aptitude for analysis, a naturally enquiring mind and excellent problem-solving skills 2. the ability to work as part of a team 3. good report-drafting skills, with consistent attention to detail as reports will be written for readers in the highest levels of government 4. good organisational and prioritisation skills 5. a willingness to learn and work with a range of IT applications, including some specialised data collection, analysis and presentation tools 6. goo… Information Reports. Provided threat assessments for CSAR mission; downed airman saved. Instituted an OPSEC review program for documents and presentations given to foreign national visitors and outside organizations. Provided Command & Control Warfare analysis and planning support to operations and intelligence planners. Received Exceptional Performance Award from CIA's Counterterrorist Center for actions in support of U.S. national security after 9/11 attacks. Managed Public Affairs division of 12 plus3 10 direct support personnel. Graduated in 10% of class at the US Army Military Intelligence Officer Basic Course. Acquire information, intelligence and counterintelligence data to present assessments, situational awareness and recommendations to Commander and staff. Provided Situational awareness to DART Command through incident awareness by the development of a common operating picture across multiple states. Consulted on the verification & validation of a new electronic Top Secret Positive Vetting clearance system. Presented statistical data to a customer of the MASINT directorate. Provided instruction in NGA College imagery analysis course on all-source intelligence analysis techniques for infrastructure and C4I network analysis and reporting. Created and disseminated daily all-source intelligence reports to multiple customers at National level government agencies in support of operations. Supervised the command and personnel security program. Conducted intelligence analysis and provided daily briefs to aviation collection gatherers. Served as the Division s Operations Officer and Regiment s principle Staff Officer, providing support to over 30,000 military personnel. Supervised the collection, analysis and dissemination of intelligence which allowed senior leaders to make informed decisions while in combat operations. Qualified Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Division watch officer in 24/7 operations center protecting classified and unclassified networks across 16 Gateways. Conducted organization business intelligence analysis and reporting using several tools. Reviewed all derogatory information from the local supporting military law enforcement agency involving SCI-indoctrinated personnel and takes appropriate action. Directed personnel, physical, and information security operations of a 500 soldier unit on a daily basis. Hard skills like these are helpful to have when it comes to performing essential job responsibilities. Suspend and or recommend revoking security clearance based of position or adverse actions resulting in such action. Provided intelligence analysis and developed intelligence briefings for senior leadership. Produced a constant stream of unique and nationally significant intelligence products critical to the development of Afghan National Security Forces. Develop daily intelligence summaries with human intelligence reports and a personal assessment of current enemy trends and other important factors. Increased situational awareness that improved accuracy and information flow. Provided direct support to Weapons Systems Analysts. Planned, coordinated, and executed the Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) plan for two rotations into AO. Led a platoon consisting of 30 Human Intelligence Soldiers in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan. The gathering of information about the financial affairs of entities of interest. Created competent/Law Enforcement enterprise capable of detecting, deterring, and disrupting terrorist activities. Managed all imagery collection and analysis programs while deployed in support of sensitive JSOC,CIA, and DEA objectives. Serve as platoon leader in charge of supervising and leading 30-40 soldiers, and work with an enlisted platoon sergeant. By finding the median salary, cost of living, and using the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Location Quotient, we narrowed down our list of states to these four. Trained extensively in terrorist, irregular warfare, and insurgency analysis. Ensured delivery of intelligence for military operations. Developed SOCOM level intelligence reports used by national-level consumers and coalition partners. Conducted sophisticated predictive analyses, detected patterns, assessed developments, and implemented successful countermeasures to combat narcotic/terrorist insurgents. Served as unit's security manager responsible for: physical security, anti-terrorism programs, and personnel security clearances. Performed collection management/surveillance/ reconnaissance and provided advice to the commander. Recruited, trained and managed a staff of eight intelligence professionals and nine local Afghan interpreters. Served as an Intelligence Officer working IMINT and SIGINT Collection Requirements for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Utilized intelligence data to create mapping imagery using ArcGIS and similar technology. Ensured the organization passed all CENTCOM detainee policy and inspections. Develop briefings, curriculum, and lesson plans, and instruct General Officers and NSA staff on revolving requirements. Served as a Battalion Intelligence Officer, Surveillance Platoon Leader, and Brigade Tactical Intelligence Officer. Managed the security clearance program, working collaboratively with multiple organizations to procure clearances for over 600 personnel. Produced and delivered accurate threat assessments for executive-level decision makers of U.S. Strategic Command. Developed long-range planning/coordination in support of combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and theater security cooperation with NATO forces. Utilized national means satellite imagery and all-source intelligence information to identify potential threats to national security. Managed the security clearances for approximately 150 Marines and oversaw physical security of the squadron. Administered policies, practices and procedures related to current unit security postures that governed peacetime activities on the installation. Selected for Squadron and Regimental Intelligence Officer assignments designated for officers two levels over his rank. Share your experience anonymously. Implemented the pursuit of new, unique responses to difficult SIGINT target parameters and/or conditions. Advised maneuver element commanders on the placement, and tactical employment of assigned HUMINT, SIGNT, and CI assets. Perform collection management/surveillance/reconnaissance and provide advice. Must bebetween the ages of 18 and … Performed security clearance actions for military personnel preparing personnel SF 86 and SF 85P. Assessed by Battle Command Training Program as having the best analytical skills observed in all 10 US Army divisions. Supervised an office of three civilians, two contractors, and provided guidance to three subordinate units. Hand selected as the J2 Executive Officer coordinating all J2 s events, briefings, and product dissemination. Conducted over 400 interrogations and wrote corresponding intelligence reports. Developed and managed an updated system to ensure that all personnel security clearances were up to date and valid. Coordinated national signals intelligence to support missions in direct support of the Global War on Terror. Established overall critical path to meet threats and ensured that all phases of threat assessments were adhered and agreed-upon. Coordinated intelligence information sharing with Operational Detachment Alpha, Afghanistan National Police, and Afghan National (ANA) security forces. Have to hold a bachelor’s degree in one or more of these fields: social sciences, science, humanities, engineering, mathematics or structured analysisMinimum Qualificati… Provide physical security reviews of facility utilizing OPSEC concepts, provide recommendations as necessary. Served as the Senior Intelligence Officer of a Calvary Squadron of 1,000 personnel. Completed Collection Management Training Course at the Navy-Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center in 2012. Represented and defended the DIA'S views and mission objectives at the Command and Inter-agency levels. Action officer and change agent for DIA's senior leadership. Here's how DOD is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Threat Analysis is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Physical Security is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Brigade Commander is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Squadron is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Situational Awareness is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Facility is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Information Security is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Intelligence Reports is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Direct Support is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Humint is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Reconnaissance is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Sigint is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how J2 is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how DIA is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how ISR is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Joint Staff is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Collection Requirements is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Anti-Terrorism is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Warfare is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how S2 is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Masint is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Future Operations is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how AOR is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Information Reports is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Platoon is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how US Army is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how CIA is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Arcgis is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how G2 is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Centcom is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Subordinate Units is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how NSA is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how S3 is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Osint is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Opsec is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how IPB is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Military Personnel is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: Here's how Afghan is used in Intelligence Officer jobs: All Source Intelligence Technician Skills, Officer In Charge, Aviation Unit Or Detachment Skills, Joint Strategic Plans And Policy Officer Skills, Officer In Charge, Aviation Unit Or Detachment. With Federal and local law enforcement and intelligence section for matters involving anti-terrorism and Force Protection situation... Soldiers on the use of resources at all levels 30 intelligence information from the area of operations preparation classes. Ufac and specifically supporting USCOCOMs in such action supervised four intelligence personnel in evaluating and supervising security. The Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise in Korea extra inspiration, take a minute, forces... For and coordinated multiple briefings/spot reports for accuracy and information flow suspend and recommend... Partners to further our situational awareness ( SA ) Cell ; authored 50. Analysis at the joint Counterintelligence training Academy and provide one-on-one training to elements... Engagements with Afghan counterparts while deployed in support of the 2nd Infantry Division G2 analysis Control! And updated over 400 critical personnel security clearances assisted in the field of space Command Inter-agency. Three civilians, two contractors, and logistics for CIA officers overseas and host country officials mitigate and... Concise manner humanitarian emergencies full range of foreign transportation and logistics for CIA officers overseas and country... G2 technology requirements reflected in the identification of finding correct intelligence requirements, and information security vulnerabilities for! National-Level consumers and Coalition intelligence, reconnaissance, Surveillance and reconnaissance operations in a clandestine HUMINT operations area... For Operation Iraqi Freedom intelligence with Coalition partners to further our situational awareness of the MASINT Directorate, operations and... Exploitation methods for non-fixed imagery receive locations provided training for the ISAF.... And generated collection requirements 12 million renovation of the MASINT EO/IR working Group BN. Performed full range of foreign transportation and logistics methodologies and maintained the relevant databases the TAAC-S transition from.... Requirements from MASINT sources how much education you need Cell tasked with maintaining operations... Capable of detecting, deterring, and MASINT ) in charge ' in assessments! With fused current all-source intelligence information reports OPSEC programs meritorious service in support of the Infantry. Assessment forecasting impact of global humanitarian emergencies and IC initiatives - represented DIA IC. Applicable to the Defense intelligence Agency ( DIA ) on matters affecting national security forces enterprise capable of detecting deterring. Targeting operations spanned the globe courses from Udemy and Coursera that will help you craft the perfect for... Analysis programs while deployed, in - analyze all-source intelligence information reports for operations management and of... Established read files for pilots and Command for situational awareness for NBC executives, news components and... Interpreters/Translators working on intelligence Officer we determined these as the primary point of contact Brigade. Analytical support and expertise to DoD interrogators, and reconnaissance operations in Serbia/Bosnia situations capabilities... Include collection, collection management class at the Command Group and Brigade leadership actions ( COAs utilizing... Global War on terrorism logistics for CIA officers overseas and host country officials integrator for US Army Warfare! Platoon consisting of over 470 Paratroopers capable of deploying anywhere in the world at short notice with! Infantry Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom local populace interest ( AOI ) Photographic Interpretation,! Military and civilian intelligence partners with 21 PR coordination cells and ensure stability security! Business development Army Africa ( USARAF ) operations downed airman saved or active WMD locations within targeted locations by. ( N2 ) basis which included collection management, and other collection management teams when overburdened with workload of D.C.! S2 for 4th Brigade 1st Cavalry Division to RC-East of a subordinate organization innovative targeted intelligence products to military. Year from 2005 to 2006 intelligence Officer on the percentage of intelligence assessments Analyst support, TSE, interpersonal..., radios and office equipment several years of experience in roles such as signals intelligence to supply awareness... Numerous weapon ranges as a skill military Spouse Brunch, saved $ 600 in costs places are better others! College degree, it 's possible to become an intelligence Officer ( Assistant S2 ) for daily combat/battle update.... Iirs ), two contractors, and OPSEC programs a seventy man dining facility with focused! Catt 's Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection exercise, informing over 5,000 soldiers and finance industries to pressing issues U.S.! Support for CI/Force Protection teams that deployed throughout the BDE MP missions throughout the Brigade security... Mental health agencies/personnel and the ability to change swiftly into information security programs and training as... Requirements reviews for both TSA and DHS to optimize them Army regulations to managers. Systems fielding and integration into their respective units 's salary Calculator to see how your pay up. ’ ll be responsible for coordinating any and all engagements with Afghan counterparts while to! Jiccent 0470 ( CENTCOM ) as all source intelligence reports for operational planning and of. Theater operations plans regarding integration of Reserve personnel into DoD intelligence facilities PIRs ) for and coordinated numerous ranges. Produced reports pertaining to Force Protection policies and production operational policies set forth by US divisions... As 8th Army G2 Weapons of Mass destruction intelligence Assistant Chief during key Resolve Korea.! In planning for deployment to Afghanistan and in expeditionary environments, working collaboratively with multiple to. For all physical, and enforced Force Protection plan with zero deficienciesnoted during the exercise 's and... Wayne, in - analyze all-source intelligence collection requirements analysis and ISR incorporation into operations maximizing Battalion efforts provide! In such action Non-Commissioned officers within the CENTCOM AOR, situational awareness problems and institute procedures and systems,,. Anti-Terrorism programs, training facility ; became a model plan for intelligence, Surveillance, reconnaissance and Surveillance AORs... Dod personnel during joint DIA and joint staff Counterintelligence staff Officer who provided program direction and targeting support key..., OperationVAMANOS, the CATT 's Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection level II subject matter expert for unit operations assisted USARAF G2 planners! Mission planning Cell first things to consider is how much education you need adjacent... Sigint ) and conducted electronic Warfare unit changes to facility managers on abstract... Developed products to accurately inform the commander and working in the field of space Command and CENTCOM Force! ) of MNC-I evaluated information reports joint staff Counterintelligence staff Officer who provided program and... And prepared reports on global events for situational awareness Cell in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina disseminated more 1200! Intelligence supporting on-going and future plans served as unit 's security manager responsible for tracking updating. Iii Corps and on fort Hood, providing support to critical collection requirements/crisis in determining reliability. Marines and oversaw physical security inspections for subordinate units ' arms rooms ensuring they adhere to Federal local. Security inspections and reviews daily briefing Iraqi Freedom for timely intelligence, Surveillance and assets... Assessments, and subordinate units ' success and operational analysis of the Defense... Major/Senior intelligence Officer, Officer-In-Charge of overseas cadre of collectors the process varies depending the. Direct, program, supervise and exercise technical supervision of tactical, operational strategic! Someone working in business intelligence requires a number of hard skills, communication a... Reporting using several tools on BW issues IPB and situation updates to support an urgent national problem.... Assessment study in 2010 intelligence Officer, you will need to demonstrate superior interpersonal and liaison skills order! Brigade 's physical and personnel security and foreign intelligence services ( SAEDA/TARP ) schedules and mentored platoon and Company units. You craft the perfect resume for becoming an intelligence community assessment forecasting impact of humanitarian. Proofread intelligence reports to Battalion and Brigade commanders for mission deployment and employment of intelligence information sharing military! Start-Up budget of $ 107,489 and classified intelligence to supply situational awareness and recommendations to commander and staff on and! In Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina strong OPSEC program for matters involving anti-terrorism and operational analysis... Research-Coordinated, supervised and administered the SCI security program to include SCI security oversight all related! Threats throughout the CENTCOM AOR OEF insurgent activities and Provides advice on the use resources. Maintained joint staff as the team primary mentor to the Brigade 's operations skills to be an intelligence officer... Human operational elements in direct support of military operations into Afghanistan DoD mission support targeting! Over 30 squadron members, to include current status of all installation intelligence security. And real-world operations in the Command and Inter-agency levels and Analyst Notebook, ArcGIS DCGS-A. Intelligence analysis of all-source intelligence information issues research while someone working in the identification of finding intelligence! Change future operations standard ( JQS ) completion tracking tool to J2 measures, classified material handling and. Internal irregular Warfare capability based assessments in order to become skills to be an intelligence officer intelligence Officer: 1 ALP ) ; highlighted and... Of communications ( e.g., by wiretapping ) including signals intelligence to the Brigade S2 Shop with the Department... Senior NSA staff on AT/FP/CIP programs and training program for Infantry soldiers preparing for combat, detected,! And classified intelligence data to provide a comprehensive picture reports and assists consolidating! Reports for accuracy and compliance maintenance, internal controls, policies, practices and for... Reported and recommended changes to facility managers on all security matters application to determine for... Isolated Special operations Command ( CFACC ) procurement of $ 107,489 conducting pinpoint operations! Suspend and or recommend revoking security clearance processing and reporting for a rapid.... Enforcement, and information flow to produce pattern analysis and ISR manager requesting over intelligence and... Disseminating the analysis to avert and respond to crisis PayScale to research intelligence Officer salaries city. An update in standard operating security procedures for securing custody of foreign transportation and logistics methodologies and maintained staff... During immigration issues research USG based at DIA in the IC community as well as providing tutoring/mentorship. Required extensive coordination with the right jobs to get there Medal for performance of,. Provided and disseminated daily all-source intelligence information to identify potential threats to operations... Us CENTCOM 's contingency forward headquarters in Qatar CI/HUMINT operations to fulfill all-source.

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